Scope Pro is the answer to your foul weather hunting problems. They are made with neoprene, the same material used to make fishing waders.

They are water resistant and will wick moisture away from your optics and keep them from fogging. There are other neoprene covers on the market, our cover is the only one with a fast release clip.


Scope Protection that Never takes a Day Off

Scope Pro is a neoprene cover that employs a 2-loop system. The loops are for quick release of the cover. The large end goes over the barrel behind your sling swivel. The short end fits at the back of your scope. When an opportunity presents itself, simply pull up and back on the short loop and release. The Scope Pro springs forward, similar to a sling shot, leaving a clear scope and view of your game. With the long loop behind the sling swivel, you will have a hard time loosing your Scope Pro. At the same time, the fast release allows you to take off your Scope Pro quickly, without removing your sling.

The Scope Pro comes in many sizes, varying in length from 6 inches for tactical scopes to 16 inches. Your cover should be 1 to1.5 inches shorter than the tube of your scope. This will provide the needed tension to assure that the Scope Pro will fit tightly. TAC-Pro covers do not require as much stretch.

Black Scope Pro


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